Abstract @ The EMP

A few weeks ago, the assignment for my photography class was “the abstract photograph”.

I was struggling a bit to find a compelling subject. That Sunday, we went to Zeek’s in Phinney Ridge for lunch, and as we were walking around after lunch, I was trying to create some interesting abstract pictures. Some of the ones (below) weren’t bad, but I wasn’t thrilled. Same story at home.

After lunch, I was on my way to the Georgetown neighborhood, hoping that a new landscape would provide some opportunities. But, I didn’t make it there. On the way there, I passed the Experience Music Project. I thought the metallic exterior might provide some interesting opportunities, and I wasn’t disappointed.

The EMP building was designed by Frank Gehry, who also designed the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain, among other things. The metallic panels provided all sorts of interesting reflections. You can read more about the building design here.

Here are some of my favorites – this seemed like a fertile ground for ideas, so I plan on returning again, especially since I want to get a better compositon of the last one.

The rest are on SmugMug:

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