Blog Maintenance and Upgrades

I just spent an hour upgrading the blog. I have:

  • Upgraded to WordPress 2.6.5.
  • Installed the WordPress Automatic Upgrade 1.2.2 so that hopefully the next upgrade is easier.
  • Installed Lightbox 2 2.8.0 so I can get fancier pictures.
  • Updated the Google Analytics 1.2.3 info (I had the plugin installed but never added the correct  Javascript).
  • Installed the Wordbook 0.14.2 plugin so that posts automatically show up on my Facebook page.
  • Installed the wp-cache 2.1.2 plugin.
  • Removed some older plugins I don’t use.

Other plugins in my WordPress setup:

Other upgrades I am considering:

  • Something to better integrate with my Smugmug account.
  • Changing to a different theme so wide images don’t get messed up – although now that I am going to use Medium images with a Lightbox, this should be less of an issue.

If everything is working correctly, the following image will be medium with a full-size grey lightbox, the post will cross-link to Facebook, and in 24 hours, I can see how many people clicked it via Google Analytics…

This weekend has largely been about upgrading and maintaining other things in my life, including:

  • Getting Meagan’s Saab fixed at Moe’s Automotive in Ballard. I highly recommend them. They repaired a headlight electrical problem, replaced a broken part that prevented the driver’s window from rolling up, and fixed an issue that prevented the rear passenger door from being opened from the inside. I called on Saturday morning, they said come on by, so I dropped it off and then picked it up three hours later, and everything was fixed for a bit over $200. Try getting that to happen at the Carter Saab dealership!
  • Putting up some more Christmas lights and decorations in the house.
  • Replacing a shingle which fell off the house. Since I am much better at blog upgrades than house ones, this was an accomplishment.
  • Waxing two snowboards – my regular one and my old one, which I expect will be the one I use next weekend at Whistler unless we miraculous get a lot of snow.

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