Downhill Biking at Whistler

This past weekend we headed up to Whistler to kickoff the downhill mountain biking season at the Whistler Bike Park. All four of us were sporting new downhill machines and we were eager to get them dirty. I was happy to make the trip after almost bailing due to a last minute stomach flu. Fortunately that proved relatively short lived and I was mostly recovered by the time we started riding on Saturday.

For the start of the season, we didn’t ride anything too gnarly – mostly blues and blacks, but I was pretty happy with my riding on the technical steeps. I definitely need to work on being able to jump the kickers. Every time we rode A-Line, we got passed in rapid succession by groups of locals. It was a little demoralizing. Oh well – room to improve.

Sunday was a little colder and wetter. The wooden structures definitely were a little slick, but I survived the weekend injury free. Considering that I just finished rehabbing my impinged left shoulder from the August Panorama trip last year, I was definitely happy with that outcome. Plenty more time in the season to do more damage!

We closed out the trip on Sunday with some Splitz burgers before heading back home. With the benefits of the Nexus pass and little traffic, we made the trip home in 3 hours, forty five minutes, which is about the fastest return trip in recent memory. Gotta love the Nexus pass.

I took lots of videos with the Go Pro, but your guess is as good as mine as to when I’ll process those, so in the interim, here are a few apres pictures from Citta on Saturday.

Happy Hour

Happy Hour

Looking forward to a few more DH adventures this season!

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