Ten Years in Seattle

Ten years ago today, I moved to Seattle. I guess I can officially call myself a local now.

I never really expected to be out here this long. Before coming here, I was two years out of school and working in my first “real” job since graduating as a software engineer at a hardware company outside of Boston. I loved living in Boston – a young, fun, lively city with “east coast grit” – but despite having great co-workers, I didn’t really like my job.

A good friend of mine from college called me up, letting me know, among other things, that Amazon was hiring. It took a bit of a sell to get me to move to Seattle, since I preferred to stay in Boston and my family was on the east coast. But the temptation to do something different, and the persistence of my friend, were both too strong.

I remember thinking – “I’m 24. I’ll just move out for a couple years and then eventually move back east.”

Well, a couple years is now ten, and counting. The mountains, the weather, my friends, Meagan, the hipster-intellectual vibe, the active culture, and the tech environment are among the many reasons that I love living here.

It’s still difficult for me that my parents and most of our families are on the east coast, but I am pretty happy with the life I’ve built here.

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